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Weekend of August 11th 2012

What's ready for picking!


Peaches Nectarines Plums A number of apple varieties either did not set fruit (crop failure) or the fruit that did set is far below what it should be. This along with the hail in June, what else could go wrong. It is not all bad news because we do have apples for you to pick.

Not a lot of apples set - varieties
Failed crop varieties Jersey Mac
Dark Color, bright red with yellow highlights, bloom of McIntosh, but ripening a month earlier, Perfumed with striped strawberry or vinous flavor, sweet, melting, snow white medium firm flesh, tough skin. One of the earliest apple we grow. Always the first fresh apple pie of the season. Once picked the apples should be eaten within a couple of weeks. They should be kept refrigerated.

Summer Mac
Bright red apple with creamy white flesh.

PAULARED mid - August 
McIntosh type but ripens earlier. Solid red, strong vinous or strawberry flavor, sweet yet sprightly, quite firm white flesh. An excellent early apple.

This large, mostly red yellow freestone, good firmness, excellent flavor and size. It crops heavily an is hardy.

A firm, attractive, white fleshed freestone of good quality. The tree is vigorous, hardy and productive. The best early white peach for the roadside trade.

An exceptional yellow fleshed nectarine, freestone, has medium size, good color and firmness for an early season nectarine.

A giant! Great for the Ohio Valley, Northeast, Midwest. Semi-freestone plums are firm, sweet and juicy.

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