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Wander the orchards to pick apples or stone fruit. Pick what you want and how much you want.

Don't feel like picking? Visit our salesroom for hand picked fruit, vegetables and other local offerings.

Take a hay ride to the apples or pumpkin patch (weekends only, Labor Day through Columbus Day and sometimes later in October, weather dependent, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm).

Fresh made cider donuts in Capt. Jack's Donut Shack (weekends only Labor Day though Columbus Day and sometimes later in October), coffee, cold and hot mulled cider.

Fairy House

Farm animal display area and goat barn. Double fenced for your protection. Watch or feed the animals. Please feed them only grain.

Milking Goats out behind the barn. Please feed them only grain.

Corn Maze, can you figure out what we spelled out this year?

No dogs allowed in the orchards BUT we have miles of trails you can hike.

Fairy Village on the Ridge, WHAT?

Jack got the idea after visiting the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. (If you have never visited there we highly recommend it and check out their Fairy Village). So Jack cleaned up an area right next to the Farm Animal display area and enclosed it with a tree fence. It is a work in progress as Jack will continue to make improvements. Young kids today have too many electronic distractions which keep them indoors or close to the signal they need and they are watching too much TV daily. In Fairy Village they will use their imaginations. Each child will imagine a Woodland Sprite or Fairy of their own and build a house for them. Natural materials will be provided for construction at the "Gnome Depot". They will design and construct a home adding details they think are important for their Fairy. Will the inside be more detailed or will they focus on the outside? They will use their creativity and imagination while exploring the natural environment around them. When their Fairy House is completed they will have a sense of accomplishment.

Forward us a picture of your Fairy House and we will try to post it on this website.

NEW - Geocache - 10 geocache sites are outside the orchards.

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