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Please call for more information, pricing, and to schedule your special day

We can tailor a special day to fit your budget. Components can be individually priced.
Cancellations: we ask that you give us a little notice and we will try to reschedule you.
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School Groups - Monday - Friday, August thru October.

Company Groups

Birthday Party

Ballet DancerSenior Pictures - other pictures

We do not charge for photograhpy in the orchards. All we ask for is for recognition and some great word-of- mouth advertising. Please call ahead to make arrangements. Forward us a picture and we will post it on this website.


The orchards in springtime during bloom are gorgeous. We think the orchards are gorgeous all year round. What concerns us is the New England weather. A rainy wind swept day can ruin your special day. Not to mention making everyone uncomfortable. So if we sound discouraging when you call or e-mail, we are, sorry. You can always make an appointment to look at the property and discuss details.

We do allow weddings and the fee is based on the number of people attending, the facilities you use and the amount of time you are here. The fee only covers the use of the property, time and facilities. During our busy times of the year we will not be receptive to a large wedding.

To dicuss this further, please call or e-mail us or contact Laurie Andrews Design. Her website is

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