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Frequently Asked Questions and Advice for your visit

Where do I get directions?

During the week, park either in the front parking lot or in one of the areas behind the buildings, then walk to the front of the big barn, the Farm Store, for directions.  On weekends Please make a reservation. In September and October we can get pretty busy, so do your best to follow the signs when entering and you should be met with an employee who will help you get where you need to go. If there isn’t anyone around or you’re confused about what to do, find a place to park and walk into the big barn, Farm Store, for directions. 

Do NOT park on Hanson Ridge Road! Come into the driveway and we will help you find a place to park. 

How does U-Pick work?

During the week stop in at the big barn, Farm Store, for directions. On weekends there will be an employee in both orchards to give you directions. We ask that you bring your own bag to pick into. If you use one of our bags you will be paying by volume. Either a 1 Peck bag that holds about 10 pounds or a 1/2 bushel bag that holds about 20 pounds. These can be purchased in the orchards on weekends or in the Farm Store during the week.
You will be directed into one of our orchards where you can follow the signs for different varieties. Please pick in the marked rows only. Please stay out of restricted area.
All u-pick apples are the same price, so feel free to mix them in the same bag. Do not mix other fruits in with the apples as the prices are different. 

What happens if I pick too many apples? 

You’ll learn to make applesauce! We can only sell apples picked by our employees that have been trained in safe food handling techniques. Whatever you pick is yours to purchase and take home to enjoy, so please be conscious of how much you are picking. When you arrive at the orchard, our employees can give you an estimate of how much certain sized bags will hold and estimate the cost. If you are looking for less expensive cooking or cider apples, ask us about utilities (in the Farm Store) or, later in the season, drops. 

Am I allowed to try an apple in the orchard? 

Yes if it is a variety that you haven’t tried. Our employees have a list of varieties with tasting notes and how they can be used. We want to make sure you’re going home with a variety that you’ll enjoy eating. However, we do ask that you be respectful of our orchards and the hard work that goes into maintaining them.

Do I have to pay to park?

Nope! When you come to visit, you will notice that we do not charge any fees to come onto our property. The corn maze, fairy village, wagon rides (weekends only) and picnic areas are all offered free of charge as well, for our paying customers. We do gladly accept donations for these extra features.

Can I just come for the corn maze? 

As mentioned above, the corn maze along with fairy village and more are free for our paying customers. If you are only interested in the corn maze, be sure to drop a few bucks into the donation bin or purchase a jug of cider or a few apples on your way out so we can continue to provide these activities without charging extra. 

What forms of payment do you accept

We accept cash as well as local checks, major credit cards and EBT/SNAP and WIC Vouchers.

What are your hours?

We open as soon as the first apple is ready for picking, usually early to mid August. From that day on, we are open 9AM to 5PM Saturday through Wednesday, and 9AM to 6PM Thursday and Friday until the end of October or early November (depending on when we run out of fruit). Check the website, our Facebook page, or give us a call to stay updated. Capt Jack’s Donut Shack is only open weekends and holidays Labor Day weekend to Indigenous Peoples Day weekend and possibly to the end of October from 9:00 – 5:00. You can find bags of donuts in the farm store during the week unless we sell out.

When should I come to avoid a crowd?

Come during the week! On Thursdays and Fridays we stay open a little later, so you might be able to make it after work. If you come on a weekend, try to get here early to beat the crowds and be sure to make a reservation. Our busiest season is the last two weeks in September and the first two weeks in October. Before or after that we shouldn’t have such huge crowds. If you really want the orchards all to yourself, wait for a rainy day and suit up in your ponchos and boots, we’re open rain or shine! 

Why are your apples more expensive than the ones in the grocery store?

By visiting us you are supporting  a family owned business and small-scale local agriculture. At our farm you will be able to enjoy a beautiful Fall day in our meticulously groomed orchards, snapping that perfect selfie in the flower patch. When you leave our orchard, you are taking home much more than fruit, you are taking memories.

Can I bring my dog? 

It’s best to leave him/her at home. Dogs are NOT allowed in the buildings or through the orchard gates for food safety reasons. If you bring your pup they will have to stay in the car if you enter one of our orchards, so for their comfort it’s best to leave them home. Service dogs are allowed. HOWEVER, we do have miles of walking trails outside of the orchards where you are welcome to walk your (leashed) dog. Come anytime, just park out front so we know someone is around and remember to wear blaze orange during hunting season. 

Do you allow Weddings, Birthday Parties, School Tours, Groups, etc.

Yes, we do! Please see Activities for more information.

Do you spray?

Yes. However, we do NOT spray once we open the orchards to our u-pick customers. We are considered a conventional orchard because we use some synthetic pesticides (a pesticide is an insecticide, herbicide or fungicide.). We are careful about what and when we spray and we use organic pesticides when we feel that it is a better alternative.  We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information, in combination with available pest control methods, is used to manage pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment. We set action thresholds, monitor and identify pests, prevention and control. We raised our family in these orchards, so we are extremely conscious about what we use. Pollinators (honey, native, bumble bees) are our friends and we do not want to cause any damage to the bees or other beneficials that share our orchards. If you have specific allergies or further questions about our practices, feel free to come in and talk with us.

What is the white film on the apples?

The whitish film you may find on some apples is called bloom and is not pesticide residue. It is made up of various natural yeasts and waxes. You should always shine your apple before eating to wipe off dust or other environmental residues that may have settled on it.