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McIntosh / Early September

The first McIntosh tree was discovered by John McIntosh in Ontario, Canada around 1811. After a family disagreement, John moved to Canada, settling in 1811 in Dundela. The McIntosh apple tree, the only one of several seedlings on his land to survive, eventually lead to Dundela becoming known as McIntosh Corners and a monument now marks the site of the original tree, which survived until 1908. The McIntosh apple was introduced into Maine between 1875 and 1880 and, at first, was not well liked on account of its susceptibility to scab (a fungal disease). In 1885, it was proved both of good quality and hardy in Aroostook County. It also proved to be a good market apple and, by 1910, was being (planted) set in increasing numbers. It eventually became the premier market apple in the state. The hardiness and good bearing qualities of the trees and the excellent quality and good color of the fruit made McIntosh the standard by which all other apples in Maine are judged even to this day. Our apple pies are almost always made with McIntosh apples. It cooks to sauce quickly as well.